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Most Frequently asked Questions

I can not play games on the site, what can I do?

Please make sure with Java/JavaScript and Cookies are enabled or not in your Internet browser's preferences.

  • Ad-blocking software, home firewalls, or other security software may affect the site's performance. Temporarily disable any ad-blockers or firewalls you have running.
  • Check the security zone setting of your Internet browser's preferences. If the security is set too high, you will be blocked from accessing more sites.
  • Close other applications. Having other programs running can slow down or impair your browser's performance, especially if you're playing a high-requirement game.
  • This issue could be caused by your browser trying to access an old and/or broken version of the page. Please clear your browser's cache, refresh the webpage and try it again. See how to make a solution with this below.
  • You may also have damage to your Shockwave or Flash Player plug-ins. For instructions of how to re-install your Flash Player plug-in. For instructions of how to re-install your Shockwave Player plug-in, see how to make a solution with this below.

How do I clear my browser cache?

Internet Explorer

- Go to Tools > Internet Options
- Under Temporary Files click the "Delete" button.

Netscape – Windows

- Go to Edit > Preferences
- Under Advanced, find "Cache"
- Click both "Clear" buttons

Firefox - Windows

- Click Tools > Clear Private Data
- Check Cache and Offline Website Data
- Click "Clear Private Data Now"

Firefox - Mac OS

- In the menu bar, click Tools > Clear Private Data
- Check Cache and Offline Website Data
- Click "Clear Private Data Now"


- In the menu bar, click Safari > Empty Cache
- Click "Empty" when prompted to remove the cache

How do I reinstall my Flash Player plug-in?

How do I reinstall my Shockwave Player plug-in?


  • Go to the Control Panel
  • Go to Add/Remove programs
  • Choose Adobe or Macromedia Shockwave Player.
  • Click "Remove"
  • Then, if you use Internet Explorer, delete this folder:
    C:\Windows \system32\Macromed

    .... or



    Delete these two folders:
    C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Common *AND*
    If you use Netscape, look here:
    C:\Program Files\Netscape\Netscape\plugins
    to remove this file: "np32dsw.dll".

Mac OS:

To uninstall the Shockwave player on a Macintosh OS, run the installer available at:

This installer also contains an uninstaller.

Save the uninstaller to your desktop, then quit or exit any applications you have open.
Launch the uninstaller from your desktop and follow the instructions in the dialog
boxes that appear.

If I forgot or want to change my password, what do I do?

Follow the steps below to get a password:

  • Click the "forgot password" link on the right side
  • Enter the email address that you used to register with Easy Branches
  • Click the "resend" button
  • Check your email account for the email from Easy Branches. It should arrive within a few minutes.

Change My Email Address

To change your email address at any time, follow the steps below:

  • Login your user to the website
  • Click the "Edit Account" link to change your account details
  • Enter your new password and new email address
  • Click the "change" button

Edit your profile

You can change your new photo by upload it through these steps below

  • Login your user to the website
  • Click the "Customize Profile" link to upload your new photo
  • You can enter your location places or fill out details in this page
  • When you finish your updating click "change" button to complete it.

Note: Please enter your information correctly and completely.

How do I create my profile?

Creating a Profile

To create your Profile, just click “register” for sign up a new member. Then enter your username, password, email and referrer’s username completely and click “join”. After you have registered with us, you can edit information on your Profile by click “Customize Profile” link at any time.

Uploading a Profile Photo

To upload a photo to your profile, click the “Customize Profile” link in a box of login. Click the "Browse" button to find the photo you would like to use on your desktop, and then click "change" button. You can change your photo at any time.

If you're having trouble uploading a photo, try to make as following:

  • We allow users to upload a photo by the size of 80x80 or less. If your photo is larger than this, try using photo editing software to crop the picture or lower the resolution, making it a smaller file size.
  • We only accept GIF, JPG, or PNG files. Be sure you are uploading one of these file types.
  • Try using a different browser. Sometimes photo uploads work better on different browsers.

Playing Games

System Requirements

What are the minimum system requirements to play games

Operating Systems:

- Windows 2000/XP/Vista
- Mac OS X Version 10.4+

Flash Player:

- Flash 8.0+ is required to watch videos on our site. Get the latest version of Flash Player - it's a free download from Adobe.


- Internet Explorer 6.0+
- Firefox 2+
- Safari 3+

*Note: On all browsers, you must have JavaScript enabled and cookies turned on.

Internet Connection:

- our site is best experienced with DSL, Cable Modem or LAN.

We recommend downloading the latest version of your preferred browser.

Internet Explorer:



Using the Site Features

Game Ratings & Reviews

To rate a game click “Rate!” buttons that appear below each game on the site. To review a game, enter your review bellow the game in a box of Leave a Comment, and click "Post comment" button. You must be a member and logged in to Rate or Review games. You can also send the game to your friend by this box of message as well.

Search for Games

To search for games on the site, enter keyword for the game in a Search box on the right side. Next, click “go” button. Your search results will appear on a new page.

My Favorites

If you would like to save your favorite games on the site, just login and click the icon "red heart" link below the game to add game to your favorite games. Your favorite games will appear on your Profile. If you want to replay or remove games from your Favorites list, click "My Favorite Games" link in a box of login on your Profile. The list of your favorite game will be shown, then select the games or remove game by click “delete” button.

Safety Tips

The Internet is a world wide place to meet new people and have fun with existing them, but there can be risks. If you're going to use the web, try to do it safely. Here are a few safety tips that everyone should consider before signing up for any new web site:

  • Never reveal personally-identifiable information online.
  • Never share your password with other people (except for your parents).
  • Never arrange meetings with strangers.
  • Don't believe everything you read or see online.
  • If you're a teenager, don't download files or software without your parents' permission.
  • Don't respond to inappropriate messages or emails.
  • Don't post inappropriate content.
  • Try to notice personal questions from strangers.
  • If you are a teenager, talk to your parents about what you do online.
  • If you are in school, follow the Internet use rules your parents and school have established.
  • Visit online safety websites.

Other Tips for Parents

- Consider your child's unique personality and level of maturity. Every child is different, and parents should use their judgment in deciding which games are appropriate for their children.
- Watch what games your children are playing and talk to them about the games. You'll learn a lot and have a better sense of what is appropriate for your child.
- Play the games yourself! You'll have fun and be able to provide better guidance for your child.

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